Two Specific Plan Parcels Should Be Work-Force Housing, And Its Up To Us

We want affordable for sale work-force housing (Income cap of $102,000) built where some developers what high-market rate rentals!  We have precious few acres left along Morena Blvd and we need to activate to facilitate appropriate choices for our community.


NIMBY-The new "N" word in government agency planning documents." Read more...


Road Distances : Morena Blvd Street Reconfiguration Choices


The Public Review Period Has Expired.  Please provide your comments/suggestions on the City's website:

GATEWAY VACANT LOT-the fight for 1st class development

The community's first challenge was with SANDAG and the City of San Diego's Planning Department over the

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3-LANE CONTROVERSY-fighting for the chance to control what's left on Morena Blvd.

Despite the community's unanimous desire to keep 4 lanes, the City Planning

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THE PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE DEBATE-when public safety wins out

Located across the freeway is the country's largest man-made aquatic park.

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IT TAKES CONSENSUS- accomplishment through unity

On September 27, 2014, 450 residents from the communities of Bay Park, Bay Ho, Overlook Heights and Clairemont came together and marched down Morena Blvd in protest to the Planning Department's effort to bust our existing 30 ft building height limit.

The balloon was hoisted to 60 feet, pin-pointing the new height limit which City Planners want.

Limiting heights, to protect our public view corridor, was the first effort to halt the Planning Department from their overzealous attempt to re-zone key parcels along Morena Blvd.

The march, organized by a grass-roots  organization, Raise The (RTB), was successful in laying the groundwork for the public voice.  RTB's goal is to galvanize public participation in the Community Plan Update (CPU) now underway.

RTB holds neighborhood meetings to educate residents about the local Community Planning Group process.

RTB also hosts meetings between residents and prospective builder-developers in order to create working relationships that can facilitate the permit and approval process.


Ready to find out more?

Ready to find out more?

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