In June 2015, the Ad Hoc Subcommittee was created and tasked with providing public feedback on the Morena Specific Plan. One of the most important elements of the Morena Specific Plan is how the Boulevard will be redesigned or reconfigured.  The city planning department took 4 lanes off the table at the onset of public input and prior to the first meeting of the Ad Hoc Subcommittee.  Citing engineering difficulties with the street, the City also rejected angled parking except within the small area between Ashton and Napier Streets.  Roundabouts at intersections along Morena Blvd was another public suggestion that was outright rejected.  The width of the roadway along La Jolla Blvd (45.17 Ft) is substantially less than the existing road configuration of Morena Blvd (80.61ft).  See Distance Map below.

Roundabouts could be utilized for Morena Blvd’s intersections.  If the Boardwalk is increased to 15ft wide, and angled parking is provided on the west side of Morena, roundabouts could facilitate the flow of traffic.